Estonian-X dictionary database

The Estonian-X dictionary database (EXS) is a universal lexico-grammatical database for new bilingual dictionaries where Estonian is the source language. This is not a dictionary, but rather a meta-level database providing, in principle, for the electronic base of any bilingual dictionary with Estonian as the source language. EXS does not depend either on the target language (X-language), type (size, target group, purpose) or design of the dictionary created by the user.

The Estonian-X dictionary database offers the Estonian half of the new dictionary in a standard form containing a preliminary list of headwords with their grammatical data, sense division and the necessary definitions, as well as their usage information, essential compounds, phrases etc. If necessary, the Estonian half of the standard entry can be modified. There are no ready-made data on the target language, but the entry template (XML schema) provides blank spaces for translation equivalents as well as for accessory data (target language grammar, labels, definitions etc). Target language data will be supplied by the user compiling the new dictionary.